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How to Contact
To order, send me a private message through discord, email
or an active social media.
Discord: tachi_mizuko
Active socials: toyhou.se, twitter, instagram.

Best Works

Art Commissions

Please refer to my terms of service for the rules on commercial use.
All prices are in US dollars.


Just the character with no background or atmosphere.Add-ons or changes
+ extra characters, price x no. characters
+ detailed character, +$5 - $20 USD
+ detailed prop/weapon, +$5 - $20 USD
More examples



Character art with simple background and/or atmosphere added to the piece.Add-ons or changes
+ extra characters, price x no. characters
+ detailed character, +$5 - $20 USD
+ detailed prop/weapon/pet, +$5 - $20 USD
+ detailed background, +$30 USD
More examples


Twitch Commissions

Please refer to my terms of service for the rules on commercial use.
All prices are in US dollars.

Emotes - $12

Detailed characters will be simplified.
Price refers to a single artwork. For different emotes, please multiply the price.
Style is not yet solid, art over multiple sets may vary.
Add-ons or changes
Colour/Text variations are free.

Sub Badges - $5

Detailed items will be simplified.
Price refers to a single artwork. For different badges, please multiply the price.
Pixel art will be done on an 18 px canvas and scaled up.
Add-ons or changes
Colour/Text variations are free.

Profile Art - $25

Just the character with a simple pattern background.Add-ons or changes
+ extra characters, price x no. characters
+ detailed character, +$5 - $20 USD
+ detailed prop/weapon, +$5 - $20 USD

Profile Decor

Other profile decor, such as banners, offline screens and backgrounds are each custom priced.
To order such a piece, please ask and we will discuss the price and process in private.

Character Designs

Please refer to my terms of service for the rules on commercial use.
All prices are in US dollars.

Customs / Character Designs

All custom designs are a single, simply shaded, coloured image of the character unless discussed otherwise. A basic colour palette is always included.
A typed details panel may be included if details are given.
Depending on design, close-ups of items may be added.More examples


Terms of Service - Commissions

I. Things to Include
1. Please be sure to include clear, visual references! It is very hard for me to draw without a clear image in mind. (Design commissions exempt.)
2. Be sure to include the style/type of commission you are wanting, example, "shaded halfbody", I cannot do anything without this information.3. I will reply to your request via note, or other PM/DM options depending on the platform used to communicate.4. Please be sure to have all of the money required before commissioning, I am pretty flexible with payment methods, but I do not wish to work for nothing..II. Commercial Use
All of my commission types may be used for commercial use if the following rules are obeyed:
• My signature is not removed from the piece, and I am the credited artist.• The art directly does not gain you any profit without alerting me. Example, you are not selling posters of the art, without my permission.• If you do intend to sell my art as merchandise of your brand, example, badges, I would like some of the profit as batches are sold. Example: 6% of the profit from a set of 50 badges.• The art is not modified in anyway that I do not give permission for. (Just ask about what you want to do!).III. I. Subject Matter; Things I do and do not Draw
While I will draw most things, there are a few things I am uncomfortable drawing, or find to difficult to try and draw for payment.
Below is the list of items that I will** not** draw:• Overweight, ridiculously muscular, and old (hunched) physiques/body types.• Anthropomorphic characters. Modern, old-style or otherwise. Kemonomimi/ears and tails only kinds are fine.• Most animals, unless you want them to have a very simplistic, doodly look to them.• Extreme gore. Mild gore can be discussed.• Most fetish art and explicit pornography. NSFW commissions that are single person may be discussed.• Couple art of CanonxCanon and OCxCanon. I am very particular about my ships, and I hate OCs that romantically interact with canon characters.• Super detailed backgrounds. For example a library with individual books, and background characters shown..III. II. Subject Matter; How I Draw
• References should be clear, and specific details mentioned in full.
• I give progress shots along the commission process. Sketch, Line art, flat colour, shading.• You can ask for a speed paint of any/all processes if you wish, however I do** not **stream my art.• At any given point you may ask for something to be changed/added, but not after the commission has been completed. Three or more chances have been given for you to request a change, I will not chance anything after presenting the finished work. Slight colour changes are exempt from this rule.• I refuse to draw in a style I am not comfortable with. Most canon styles fall under this, example, one piece art style. If you wish for something to be changed or for me to draw in a different style I may decline.• I have the right to decline a commission/request/trade if I do not wish to/feel uncomfortable by the subject matter; or if I can not complete your request..IV.Payment
• I accept three forms of payment: Paypal, ko-fi, and paypal invoicing. Paypal is preferred.
• The currency used for paypal is USD.• Paypal invoicing can and does accept different forms of payment. i.e. debit and credit.• Please ask for an invoice if you are wanting to pay with debit/credit.• I generally ask for an upfront payment. However, for larger pieces (i.e. $100 USD commissions), you may wish to do a half before, half after payment, which is also fine.• Please consult me on what payment method you would like to follow..V. Deadlines and refund policies
• Generally, the time frames I give are approximations and can change depending on other things I have to do, and how much you have given me to do.
• I have taken a month as the longest time currently. This was for a large art bundle.• Reminders are fine, but please do not rush me. You can ask to have one part of your commission prioritised over the rest of it however. (Only for multiple items ordered at once.)• Please consider my payment policies before cancelling a commission. I will only refund as much as the work I have not done. i.e. Full repayment minus work I have done for you. The incomplete piece will be sent to you. If you wish, and it is within three months, you withdraw your cancellation and I will complete the piece once full payment for the work has been received. (Regardless of the initial payment plan chosen.)• Refunds will not be given for 'incorrect art' or 'not to the requirements', progress shots are sent to you for approval before I continue working on your piece. You have confirmed that this is what you are paying for with each iteration.• If you are 'not satisfied with the finished piece, further edits may be discussed, but I am not obligated to give a refund. (Due to the progress confirmation process.)
VI. Communication and Correspondence
• Communication can be through any of the social media that I use. Please be sure to notify me on a reliable platform as to which media you prefer. Without doing this it is possible that I will not see your commission for weeks.
• Please try to remain semi-active for the duration of the commission. A reply every few days is fine, but waiting for a sketch confirmation for longer than a week is very off-putting.• If you take longer than 4 weeks to respond, I will assume that you have dropped out of this commission, and I will blacklist you.• Rude, disrespectful and/or abusive commissioners will have their commissions cancelled and be refunded minus any progress on their commission made before the event. I may also block/ignore or refuse commissions from them without any questions asked..VII. Rights, Copyrights, and Permissions
• I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, not the commissioner.
• The commissioner is never permitted to edit/modify, distribute, make merchandise, claim credit under any circumstances without my permission• Therefore I'm allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:
--Promote myself with in any place or site.
--To display it anywhere to my liking.
--Post it wherever I want.
• If you wish, you may request a private commission. For private commissions, I will not use the work as a work example, and you will be the only other person to see it from me.• The commissioner is allowed to:
--Use the copyrighted artwork for personal and commercial use as expanded on in section II.
--Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.
• If the image is made public, credit must be visibly given to me, the artist.• The commissioner is not entitled to the working files of the piece, i.e. the .kra, .psd, .sai files. Any number of image file types may be asked for (.png, .jpeg, .gif, etc), but the working files will not be given. .png files are the default image type given.• After you have received your finished commission (this includes any correction of mistakes) the transaction will be over and you are not permitted to ask for a refund.